My nickname is “short fuse” (Micciacorta in Italian). The person who gave me the name (an Italian creative director) says it’s the best branding operation of his life, worth it an award. That’s what I am, my authentic brand. And don’t think it’s a negative thing: just be ready, if you lit the fuse 🙂 My job is helping companies to find their uniqueness as brands; create the right content to make people understand their values. I’ve worked in events and advertising for the past 10 years and I found my home in Ghana 3 years ago. I love my job because it makes me the bass player in the band: I make the groove. I am happy to be part of the Bliss Yoga Accra family because of the energy at the studio. And I’m proud to be part of this movement: yoga is a lifestyle that can make you happy.
Is there any better feeling, than making people happy?
Behind the lenses. Kwesi Afari, is Bliss Yoga Accra’s photographer. He specializes in color, wellness and travel photography as well as design and branding. His dynamic photography brings the Bliss Yoga Accra story to life!

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