The Basics of AcroYoga: A Workshop with Sarah and Thomas

Sat. May 6th 1pm-5pm

400 Cedis per student

Join us for another AcroYoga workshop!

Taught by Bliss Yoga instructors Sarah and Thomas, this workshop will cover the fundamentals of AcroYoga: flying, basing, and spotting. Get ready to learn standard partner yoga postures. There’s something for everyone at every level! The workshop will have you connecting and building trust to push further and fly higher—the perfect reasons to come out and play. All that’s required is an open heart!

Anyone can do AcroYoga! This workshop is designed for complete beginners to those who have reached more experienced levels. So bring a friend or anyone who wants to learn partner yoga. It’s a fun way to strengthen bonds, build new relationships and trust with others!


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