Flying Together with AcroYoga

For Sarah and I, our yoga practice is rooted in power vinyasa. To balance this active style, we embrace yin yoga as a tool to increase our flexibility. But it’s been through our AcroYoga practice that we’ve been able to get crazy fit and connect with each other…all at once!

AcroYoga is a practice that brings two people together through yoga and touch. It includes physical postures, conscious breathing, connection, trust, communication, compassion and play. For us, the beauty is that this practice extends beyond the yoga mat and has the potential to permeate every aspect of your life.

If you ever happen to drop by the Bliss Yoga studio on a Monday or a Thursday, (before we teach our scheduled group class) you’ll find Sarah and I immersed in and practicing AcroYoga. Consider AcroYoga an amplified version of your solo asana practice. What’s cool about two people coming together for yoga is that together, partners will learn more about their bodies, their breath and instead of using props to deepen their poses, they use one another. Creating a stronger connection to the breath, creates a stronger connection to the mind and our level of awareness. The connection Sarah and I have created through this practice has allowed us to truly honor the light in each other.

We are often approached by yogis eager to fly, but paralyzed by fear. Sarah and I practice nearly 20 hours a week and neither of us have ever suffered an AcroYoga-related injury. AcroYoga is all about communication. Before a pose, we talk about how we are entering it and what our exit strategy is. During the asana, we clearly communicate what we need from one another, sometimes nonverbally with a hand squeeze to indicate which side to rotate toward. Afterwards, we discuss what went well and what could use a some improvement. When all of these components come together, we can be successful and continue to grow our practice safely.

When we’re not on the mat creating funky, new AcroYoga shapes, you can find Sarah and I preparing a fun, healthy meal at home (tofu taco Tuesdays) or rubbing elbows with other yogi-hipsters somewhere in the Accra nightlife. Sarah is a serious sun-seeker and I need a regular dose of the ocean, so don’t be surprised if you bump into us on the beach! Ultimately, our foundation is connection and we find that with Acro.

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