Bliss Wellness Center

Our Bliss Wellness Center has combined diverse healing channels under one roof, focused on holistic health and wellness. 

Life Coaching






Pranic Healing and One-on-One

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Life Coaching

Nana, founder of Bliss Yoga Accra, is a yoga practitioner with over 20 years of experience on the mat. She found yoga, as a college student, in New York City.

Advocacy: Her career has taken diverse twists and turns. Starting out as a public school art teacher, she spent time teaching in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. Observing the deficiencies in many of the schools, she went on to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, later attending law school where her life as an advocate and guide, took shape. Resolution: Starting her legal career, as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, prosecuting cases and working with victims of trauma, she relied on her experiences with conflict and trauma resolution, family intervention protocols, and guidance counseling – also working closely with social services. Elevation: With later experiences as an executive on Wall Street, Nana has worked on organizational change initiatives and professional development platforms in diverse environments, leading groups and individuals.

Balance: Featured in Oprah Magazine’s “Where Are You Going: Finding Balance” issue she has guided (pre-natal & post-natal clients), and assisted many good people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences with international transitions, to Ghana and beyond. As the first to conceptualize and host a “life lab” goal setting event in Accra, when Bliss first opened 7 years ago, she consistently offers herself to corporations and individuals who are seeking – change and clarity. Learnings: Nana holds a B.A. from Columbia University in Art History and Visuals Arts (New York), and a J.D. from American University, the Washington College of Law (Washington D.C.). She certified to teach yoga at Laughing Lotus, in New York City.


Sara Abassbhay is a world traveller and collector of human experiences. She was
born and spent her first quarter century in Montreal where she began her journey in
the field of rehabilitation. Now a qualified physiotherapist for the last 7 years, her
professional background reflects influences from North America, Asia and Africa.
Outside of projects, she maintains a work-life balance by being active, developing
her creative abilities, learning languages, playing with music, reading and exploring
the mind-body with yoga and reiki. Sara recognizes that there are many ways to
treat human beings through various health sciences, alternative medicines and each
individual’s education. Personally, she wants her practice to be a testament to her
holistic approach in which human interactions and the treatment of the body and
mind contribute to the care of the true-self. Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands
healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle
energies within our bodies.

Therapy/ Psychology

Laurita de Diego Brako is a therapist trained at the Adler University in Chicago,
Illinois. She has an MA in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Group
Psychotherapy. Prior to moving back to Ghana Ms. de Diego Brako was working
with refugees and immigrants at Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human
Rights Heartland Health Outreach as a mental health clinical practitioner. Since
moving to Ghana she established a private practice and has provided consultancy
services, which includes working with corporations. Throughout her time in
Ghana she has been enthusiastic about participating in programs focused on mental
health awareness and advocacy. Specialty services offered by
Laurita include:
· Anxiety disorders
· Post-traumatic Stress disorder
· Depressive Disorders
· Self-esteem problems
· Relational difficulties
· Behavioural problems

Corporate services include team building, crisis management, relaxation,
adjustment, and conflict resolution.

Pranic Healing and 1-to-1 Meditation

Solomon O. Mensah is an authorised instructor and practitioner of Pranic Healing.
He has been practicing Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts since 2005.
His passion for Pranic Healing earned him the name Solomon Prana. Solomon loves
simplicity. For Solomon, if there is anything in this world that brings him fulfilment, it
is Pranic Healing. You can also find Solomon at the studio on Wednesday’s. He
guides our Wednesday evening meditation sessions at 7pm. Pranic Healing is a no
touch healing technique that uses energy or prana to treat various illnesses in the
physical, emotional and mental bodies. This prana is energy that comes from the
sun, the air, and the ground.