Committing to the First Step

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 “Sara, trust your right foot position. Hop!”

“I don’t trust it. I am going to fall.”

“You just need to commit to it and stand. Just go!”

Rock climbing is one of the most challenging things I’ve tried learning so far. Imagine yourself in front of a high cliff wall with tiny cracks and holes supposedly there to support our ascension, but almost invisible for the human eyes. Attached to your harness, you choose the best hand grip and foot position to find your way up that route. As a beginner climber, every move is a chess game against your mind screaming at you “Why are you doing this again?” It can be horrifying at times. I consistently need to remember the purpose, question my ‘why’ and commit to each step. Just commit. Eventually, or not, I get to move on that route. Sometimes I reach the top from where I can be a spectator of nature’s picturesque paintings.

There are an endless number of life situations, like rock climbing, where committing to what we want is just about that small step.

Surfing and standing on the board for every wave that breakthrough under you. Doing a handstand in the middle of a room for the first time without anyone there to catch you. Joining a new group of people to learn a new skill. Booking a one way flight ticket or accepting a new job offer in a different country. Calling a friend you haven’t spoken for years because of an unresolved conflict. Starting to write and share your stories.

A small step that requires so much boldness.

Why are we waiting so long before taking the first step? Why can’t we trust more what our heart wants and knows is right? Why is it so challenging to commit?

Our Desires

It took me years to realize that the fuel behind any desire often comes from a place of understanding the reason you want a particular thing. I am training myself every day in asking the following questions before starting anything new or taking a decision. If I was alone in this life without anyone looking at me, would I still do the same thing?  Will I ever look back at my past regretting not having followed my desires? Once I can answer those two questions, my commitment becomes already lighter because of a stronger drive.

The Eternal Observer

Many of us, I am sure, have heard stories of people who have been wanting for years, to learn a new skill, go back to school or gain experience from an opportunity. Unfortunately, some will remain observers all their life. Others are preparing themselves for age by being an eternal student without ever doing what they’ve prepared for.

I believe there are two things that can limit someone who wants to take the first step. First and not least are our fears. Our mind, controlling us through fears, is our worst enemy. It can persuade us in such a deceitful way of anything that can sabotage our desires. The second one is the tendency to compare ourselves to others. We want to be as good as those on the other side of the commitment. We don’t want to make the same mistakes as others. By continuing to look at others’ achievements and failures, we spend time trying to be ‘the best’ rather than to be ‘our best’. I would like to think without a doubt that we are the gold standard of our own reality.

The Commitment

Once we’ve defined why we want to invest time and energy in a new challenge, as well as having won the fight against our mind, the moment has come to take that first step. There is no time and space. It is just us. We can hear our inner voice clearly because we know how much we want this. Nothing is more important in that moment than taking the first step.

Step forward. Just do it. Just commit. Stand. Jump. No one else than us can take that first step towards our desires.

What I admire when I see someone who has the courage to jump into new horizons is the responsibility and the journey of the process they’ve been through. The courage to take that first step into their own unique unchartered territory. I wish for everyone a lifetime journey of commitment. A lifetime journey of endless stories of first steps.

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