Do You Have a Healing Super-Power?

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Super-powers have for a long time been depicted in the creative world of storytelling in mythology and comic books. Healing factors are surprisingly common amongst superheroes like Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing, or Marvel well-known characters Wolverine and Sabretooth. Healing super-powers also exist in the human reality. For example, invulnerability in Shaolin monks allows them not to get injured when hit with a high impact force by redirecting their energy flow. Another one commonly seen is self-healing during which a bleeding open wound will self-repair after few days or weeks. I will admit that the next one might be the product of my fascination and belief for humans’ super-powers. Can individuals with return-from-death experiences be considered as immortals? Like I said, I might be slanted on the latter.

Is the creation of superheroes our representation of humans’ forgotten super-powers? With the ceaseless advancement in technology and revamp of healthcare systems, have we traded our healing abilities by relying predominantly on external assistance?

I am a globetrotting physical therapist working in global health, combining energy healing in my practice, and advocating for the importance of patients’ responsibility in their health. My journey has led to the realisation that every individual has, on the physical and energy level, almost full control on their capacity to heal, and that is an extraordinary gift!

The Physiology of Healing

The Physical Body

One of the most phenomenal aspects of the human body is its ability to heal itself through the immune system without the need for any medicine or catalyst. There are 30-40 trillion cells in the human body working tirelessly, every second that we’re alive, to keep us at a natural balance (homeostasis). When we exploit our bodies, get injured or become ill, cells can be damaged or destroyed, sometimes in large quantities. Nevertheless, these cells have the ability to heal or replace themselves to keep the body functioning at optimal levels. Several examples demonstrate how the body repairs itself, but the simplest self-repair process is manifested through a bleeding injury: blood vessels contract and blood clot formation stop the bleeding, blood vessels re-open to let oxygen in, white blood cells digest dead cells to make room for new cells, and collagen slowly creates new tissue. Over time, the new tissue gets stronger until the process is complete. While the body’s ability to heal itself is truly impressive, taking care of our immune system is imperative for that power to function at high capacity. Various lifestyle practices can be adopted to strengthen our immune system, and assist in healing, such as the quality of our diet, regular exercise and sleep, which we are all in control of.

The Energy Body

For life to exist, the body must have chi, prana or life energy. Our bioplasmic body is a living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter that co-exists with its physical twin body. Its main functions are to absorb, distribute and energize the whole physical body, to serve as a mold for the physical body, and to protect us with a shield of health rays also known as aura. Isn’t this really similar to superheroes’ protection shield against the enemy?

What is also impressive is how the physical body is closely connected to the energy body in their healing process. When one is filled with energy, the other one is healthy; when one is ill, the other one follows.  We can control our energy. The balance and flow of energy can be taken care of by our emotional and energy factors (negative emotions, blocked meridians, energy depletion, etc.) and their external physical factors (germs, malnutrition, toxins, lack of exercise, poor breathing, poor water intake, etc.). The ability to control the energy can serve to maintain a strong immune system, and as a catalyst to accelerate the rate of the natural healing process of the body.

The Responsibility of Our Healing Power

After the industrial revolution in the 18th century, health sciences medicine has emerged from scientific breakthroughs as the ‘germ theory’. At the same time, political changes in democracy led to people demanding health as a human right. Two hundred years later, the powerful medicine has virtually eliminated some important infectious diseases. As a ‘rescue’ medicine, the biomedical approach is highly effective in emergencies, traumatic injuries, bacterial infections, and some highly sophisticated surgeries. However, it views the person primarily as a physical body, with the mind and spirit being separate, or at times, even irrelevant.  Unfortunately, individuals have given almost full accountability for their health to that system. The colonization by modern medicine has also put along sidelines existing medicines known as alternative and complementary medicines, which acknowledge our healing super-power.  

We have the responsibility to learn for ourselves and teach others about the physical and energy body, as well as all factors that can contribute to the full potential of our individual healing capability. It requires discipline and diligent work to learn about the complexity of this body. It is our responsibility. No one else can take care of our super-power.

Over the last decade, I’ve witnessed more than 10 000 patients and their fascinating healing process. I do believe in our healing super-power, more than what we’ve depicted through our imagination in superheroes. We are solely responsible for maintaining a good condition of our physical body especially through diet, regular exercise and sleep. We are also responsible for creating the best internal and external environment for our energy body to be an endless source of life fuel.

You’ve been given this healing super-power.

Learn about it. Train it. Use it.

Set your intention and heal.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Healing Super-Power?”

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Do You Have a Healing Super-Power?

Super-powers have for a long time been depicted in the creative world of storytelling in mythology and comic books. Healing factors are surprisingly common amongst

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