Is Bliss Yoga Accra Moving From The Movenpick Hotel To Osu in 2019?

Yes we will re-open in Osu in Feb. 2019. The location is in central Osu and the exact location will be disclosed in Jan!!

What’s Unique About Bliss Yoga Accra & Osu?

Osu, named #20 of the world’s 50 coolest cities, is the place to be! Globe-trotters from all over the world land their first!
We can’t wait to host your classes there!
Bliss Yoga, one of the first full service studios of it’s kind, in Accra, is known for its international mix of people, out of this world music! Accra Expat, named Bliss the studio of choice. Have you just moved to Ghana? Here for a brief stay? Well, come meet and mingle with some of Accra’s finest from all over the globe!

I Still Have A Class Pack - What Happens To It When Bliss Moves To Osu, After The Holidays?

All pack-holders will be receiving an email by Dec. 21st – with their back status. Which will be rolled-over for use at our new location!

Look out for our email or come by the studio to check our list!

What types of classes do you offer, and what levels do you teach?

We offer primarily Vinyasa Flow. However, our teachers, teach from all disciplines. So you will see some of everything!
Many of our students are beginners! We frequently get students visiting our classes that take their first class at bliss yoga!
All classes are “open level” meaning our instructors teach to all levels. We offer modified options for all. So don’t worry, just come!

Do you have equipment and mats I can use at the studio?

Yes! Bliss Yoga provides yoga mats, yoga blankets, blocks and straps for use during class. So just bring yourself!
Yoga Alliance 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training Program @ Bliss
Bliss is a certified Registered Yoga School (RYS) with yoga alliance (one of the few schools teacher-training programs in West Africa!).
We offer 200 HR 8 week and 6-month (1 weekend a month) programs. Check our website for details and inquire.

When should I arrive?

Be on time. Arrive 15-20 minutes before class would be great! If you arrive after a class starts, please be advised that you may be asked to wait,
or if the class is more than 25 mins into session, requested to take another class. Leave your shoes/sandals/slippers outside the studio in our custom-made shoe rack.
Changing Room, Bathrooms & Space To Secure Belongings
Bliss Yoga Accra does not have a changing room. However, there are bathrooms a few meters from the studio, down the hall.
We have a custom-made cubby rack that makes it easy for you to store and secure your bags inside the studio.

Should I eat before I arrive?

Do not eat two hours before a Yoga class. Doing poses with a full stomach can make you feel uncomfortable.
Wear light and non-restrictive clothing. We sell yoga pants and tank tops.
Respect The Space
Respect the space of other people in the class. Do not walk on other people’s yoga mats. Be quiet.
Silence is important help maintain the serenity of the room by keeping your voice down.

What if I am pregnant, can I join your classes?

Congrats! If you are pregnant, inform us when you arrive. We recommend you inquire about attending yoga classes
after you have reached 12 weeks. We offer separate prenatal yoga classes

Cell Phones & Perfume?

Turn off your mobile phone or other electronic devices that can disrupt the serenity of the room. Be perfume-free.
Strong fragrances, scented oils, or fragrant lotions can be distracting for some people in the room.

Refund & Expiration Policy For Class Packages, Workshop Enrollments & Yoga Teacher Training

Class packages and workshop enrollments are non-refundable once purchased. Teacher training programs are refundable,
however, certain percentages would be returned to you depending on the date of requested refund.
Once Yoga Teacher Training programs officially start, no refund is available.
Class packs do not have expiration dates use them when you choose to!

Return Policy

Clothing items purchased in our boutique may be exchanged after 3 days. Items must be unused.

Personal Belongings

We are not responsible for personal belongings should they be left begin in our studio.
Although we will secure them, if found. We cannot guarantee the return of any items left in studio.

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