Les tarifs


Bliss Hour! Our community class has been running for the past 9 years. Many ask why do you offer classes that are only 50 cedis or 80 cedis? Ouresponse? Wfeel like this is a level playing field. Just come, get here early, we don’t care why. It doesn’t necessarily have to be economic need. You will have everything that you need!

Class Rates


Rooftop Yoga. Fitness 1 Gym. 1 Airport Sq. 

Sats. 9:00am: Power Vinyasa Flow: One Airport Sq.  80 cedis 

Sats. 11:30am, Vinyasa Flow. One Airport Sq 50 cedis. The 11:30am is a community class, that aims to make yoga accessible to all. 

Cash only 

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