Online Classes

Bliss Yoga Accra is now offering online classes for all of our students not be able to practice, during the current COVID 19 pandemic. We will start by offering you 5, 10 and 20 minute sequences to follow along to! We will soon offer you subscription access to 60 minute flows with our instructors. Happy practicing!

Join instructor Atsu @kenkeyasana for our 1st bliss online session. Check into this 10 min intro session. He debuts a heart centered meditation session, now, for a sweet and easy 10-minute practice, featuring some gentle accessible breathing options.

This 13-minute sequence is a guiding light in how you can build the foundation of your yoga practice.

Open your heart. As studio owner Nana participates in your online class experience, this is a great, open level flow to do in the morning. Join Nana. Awaken your heart!

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