Reiki offered by Sara

Your Bliss Wellness Center Guide

Sara Abassbhay is a world traveller and collector of human experiences. She was
born and spent her first quarter century in Montreal where she began her journey in
the field of rehabilitation. Now a qualified physiotherapist for the last 7 years, her
professional background reflects influences from North America, Asia and Africa.
Outside of projects, she maintains a work-life balance by being active, developing
her creative abilities, learning languages, playing with music, reading and exploring
the mind-body with yoga and reiki. Sara recognizes that there are many ways to
treat human beings through various health sciences, alternative medicines and each
individual’s education. Personally, she wants her practice to be a testament to her
holistic approach in which human interactions and the treatment of the body and
mind contribute to the care of the true-self. Reiki is an ancient "laying-on of hands"
healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle
energies within our bodies.

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