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I’m a dreamer. I’m risk-taker and I’ve failed brilliantly, quite a few times. A New York City museum dweller from a young age, I studied art at Columbia University. I stumbled upon the law, and my life took some exciting and daring turns. A Manhattan District Attorney – A Wall Street Banker – An Artist – A Model – A Fashion Designer – A Mother – A Yogi.

There was a pivotal moment in my life, when “stress” became a constant roommate. I’ve worked 100s of hours in deadline-driven and often hectic workspaces. Its became clear to me that “you can have it all – but at what cost?” Fast-forward 10 years – to now. Many people still ask me – why did you drop the fancy suits and open – of all things – a yoga studio? 4 years later, it’s still a simple answer: self-care isn’t just something that makes you feel good it’s a critical factor in happiness and sanity. Living your best life now, should be a global priority!

AtsuAtsu is an instructor at Bliss Yoga Accra. He brings with him the love of dance and Ashtanga Yoga. His practice is diverse and beautiful and he brings a grounded and pure energy to the Bliss teaching team. We love Atsu! His spirit and love of yoga is simply magical.

Saturdays Bliss Hour @ 11:30am
Kobena has been teaching Yoga since 2017 after completing his 200-hour Teacher Training at Bliss Yoga Accra.
He blends strong rhythms with flowing Vinyasa in movements to help you focus on your breath while maintaining a strong awareness of your body and your space. His style explores working on expanding the limits of your body while growing stronger and more confident in your own movements.
Kobena’s practice is grounded in controlled, purposeful motion, and he finds balance in the intentionality and strength of focusing on one’s body in this way. His classes are open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Come for a little challenge, a little fun, and a lot of mindfulness.

Thursdays Yin/Restorative 6:30pm


With the passion to unite body and mind through breathing Bettina Boekle started her yoga journey more than 15 years ago and has practiced in Germany, Italy, Brazil, the United States and Ghana since then.

Bettina is a certified 200-hr meditation and yoga instructor (Embrace Yoga DC with Faith Hunter) with a daily individual practice focusing on relieving back pain and mental stress. She teaches students of different levels in individual and group settings, including pre- and postnatal yoga (with babies).

Off the mat, Bettina is a social development and gender specialist, PhD, researching, teaching and advising internationally, as well as mother of two. She loves the outdoors giving her peace of mind.

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Bernice is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher who trained in Washington DC under Faith Hunter. Bernice has taught in Washington, DC, Accra, and Abidjan and specializes in vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment.

My yoga journey started with Bikram Yoga 12 years ago. Since then I have progressively learned other kinds of yoga. Yoga has been a constant companion through my life. Through yoga, I learned what it means to achieve a calm mind. I learned that once you get more control over your body, you will naturally be able to gain more control of your mind as well. Currently, my main focus is on my sociology studies. Sociology is my passion and my job. I write and do academic work, and yoga complements this well. I had a pretty big surgery two years ago, and yoga, particularly Kundalini yoga, helped with the rehabilitation process. In May last year I went to Rishikesh in India for yoga teacher training. I chose India as it is the original birthplace of yoga, and I wanted to learn the purest form. Since then I have taught yoga in Kisumu, Kenya, Jinja, Uganda, and Hamburg, Germany, where I was born and raised. I am now ready and eager to spread and share the knowledge I have gained through my own practice and during my time in India.

Dr. Wanida Lewis started practicing yoga as an avid distance runner while attending graduate school in Raleigh, NC.  In 2010, she attended her first yoga class titled “Yoga for Runners” at the local Fleet Feet running store.  It was not love at first practice, but eventually Wanida grew to love yoga over time especially for her shin splints.  After finishing her doctoral degree and moving to Minneapolis in 2013, Wanida was able to consistently devote more time to her practice and explore carious types.  Her love for the practice grew but not her love for cold weather.

As a longtime practitioner, Wanida completed her restorative, yin and 200 hour vinyasa certifications at Yess Yoga Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2016, Wanida relocated to the Washington, D.C.  She is devoted to using yoga as a tool to reduce stress and trauma for communities of color.

Sara Abassbhay is a world traveller and collector of human experiences. She was born and spent her first quarter century in Montreal where she began her journey in the field of rehabilitation. Now a qualified physiotherapist for the last 7 years, her professional background reflects influences from North America, Asia and Africa. Outside of projects, she maintains a work-life balance by being active, developing her creative abilities, learning languages, playing with music, reading and exploring the mind-body with yoga and reiki. Sara recognizes that there are many ways to treat human beings through various health sciences, alternative medicines and each individual’s education. Personally, she wants her practice to be a testament to her holistic approach in which human interactions and the treatment of the body and mind contribute to the care of the true-self.

Farida is class valedictorian of the 200-Hr Bliss Yoga Teacher Training class of April 2019! She teaches a dynamic vinyasa yoga class with recent gad Chantal. Weds. at 10am!


Solomon is meditation expert from Ghana, who is passionate about the mind, body connection. He also specializes in pranic healing. Pranic Healing is a no touch healing technique that uses energy or prana to treat various illnesses in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. This prana is energy that comes the sun, the air, and the ground. He offers guided and self-guided meditations that are simple and magical.

Biography: My mantra is simple: read, reflect, repeat. My practice is dynamic, my Asanas are strong and my humility is deep.My pedagogy and practice are aligned with Nietzche but that does not mean that Sapolsky’s paradigm does not leverage my thinking and being. When I am not teaching yoga I teach mathematics to my students, integrity to my children, and my partner teaches me. I make a wicked cup of masala chai.

Krishna Kaur’s life was forever changed when she met and studied with Yogi Bhajan more than 35 years ago. Since then she’s been teaching Kundalini Yoga around the world as an E-RYT 500 instructor certified by 3H0 Foundation and Kundalini Research Institute. In Krishna’s presence you witness what it means to live according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Krishna is a Kundalini Yoga teacher you won’t forget; her heart-centered classes will guide you closer to your potential in this lifetime in ways you didn’t know possible. Through commitment and grace, laughter and tears, you won’t be the same person you were at the start of her class.

Krishna’s passion has been working with youth for decades and this led to her founding a non-profit organization called Y.O.G.A. for Youth in 1998. Krishna has witnessed the miraculous transformation of young people after these classes. Her students begin to connect with their breath and their thoughts in the moment, allowing their words and actions to change the trajectory of their day. They’re given tools to manage anger, frustration and depression so they can access their own personal greatness. Krishna has taught hundreds of Y.O.G.A. for Youth teachers to support youth in schools, detention centers, community facilities, and hospitals around the world.

Krishna’s focus on Africa first began during a personal journey to the continent in 1969-1970. Bringing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to West Africa is near and dear to Krishna’s heart. She is the Teacher Training Coordinator for Kundalini Yoga in West Africa and started teaching in Ghana in 2003. She has taught numerous Level 1 and Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programs in West Africa and was integral in establishing the first Kundalini Yoga Festival in West Africa in 2007. Krishna is excited and grateful to be sharing Kundalini Yoga with the local community there.

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Tafari Stevenson-Howard is a Detroit, Michigan-based sound meditation facilitator who was introduced to the world of sound healing by indigenous practitioners while visiting the Brazilian rainforest. It is here that Tafari was ignited with passion through this ancient healing medium. Over the years, Tafari practiced various forms of meditation and yoga practices. When he was introduced to the use of sound vibration as a vehicle for well-being and balance, Tafari began sharing the practice of sound meditation with his community as a way to assist people to become more present and to foster relaxation in the mind and body by implementing sound centering tools. In addition to Tafari’s passion for sound meditation, he is an avid world traveler and an award-winning visual artist and interpreter who has been telling stories through photography for well over a decade.

My name is Sonia SHARARA SAID and I am the founder of SPARK AFRICA. As an entrepreneur and busy mom, I know and I have experienced the struggles that you might face either in your personal or professional life. I know how life transitions could be difficult to handle. In my coaching practice, I provide the tools, strategies and support to help people to Find their Spark, discover their purpose, and create meaningful change in their lives. As a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach, I studied Strategic Intervention and I learnt the strategies that can change your life. I have also attended several seminars and retreats in the USA and in South America and I can say that Coaching transformed my life. It is my life’s purpose to inspire people and help them create a life they are proud of. Prior to coaching, I held Marketing & Sales roles for Nestle and Coca Cola. And for the past 5 years, I successfully led Orca Deco Ghana, the biggest retailer of Furniture and Deco items in Africa.

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