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Nana has practiced yoga for over 20 years. Nana is a 500-HR RYT, certified Yoga Alliance instructor and founded Bliss Yoga 10 years ago. Nana has worn many hats in her career, including that of a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, Wall Street banker, artist, fashion designer, fashion model, yogi, wife, and proud mother of her young daughter. Nana received certifications from the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center (NYC), The Kaivalya Yoga Method (NYC), Swan Yoga (Goa, India) and The Association of Pranic Healers (Healing Methods). Her study of yoga includes, yoga therapy, psychology, meditation, pranic healing, trauma informed yoga, grief-based alignment and energy work, womb and fertility wellness, yoga for persons in confinement, ayurvedic nutrition, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, super sequencing, prenatal yoga, corporate yoga and kids’ yoga. 

A city dweller and art museum fanatic at heart, Nana received her B.A. in Visual Arts and Art History, from Columbia University, in New York City, and her JD from the American U, Washington College of Law, in D.C. She draws inspiration from her travels to India, Israel, Brazil, Switzerland, Paris, Turkey, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Madrid, Barcelona, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Zambia and, her present love – Ghana! 

Bliss Yoga Accra continues to lead in wellness for West Africa, as a pioneering studio, and has sold over 2000 studio memberships, during its 10 years, and licensed over 100 yoga teachers. The studio holds press associations with CNN, Oprah Magazine, BBC World News, France 24, TEDx, TimeOut Accra and Travel Noire to list a few!


Atsu est un instructeur à Bliss Yoga Accra. Il apporte avec lui l'amour de la danse et de l'Ashtanga Yoga. Sa pratique est diverse et il apporte une énergie pure à l'équipe de Bliss. Nous aimons Atsu! Son esprit et son amour du yoga sont tout simplement magiques.


Dr. Wanida Lewis a commencé à pratiquer le yoga en tant que coureur de longue distance passionnée tout en fréquentant une école d'études supérieures à Raleigh, NC. En 2010, elle a assisté à son premier cours de yoga intitulé «Yoga pour les coureurs» au magasin de course Fleet Feet local. Ce n'était pas de l'amour au début, mais Wanida a fini par aimer le yoga au fil du temps, en particulier pour sa blessure au tibia. Après avoir terminé son doctorat et déménagé à Minneapolis en 2013, Wanida a pu consacrer plus de temps à sa pratique et explorer les types carieux. Son amour pour la pratique a grandi, mais pas son amour pour le froid. En tant que praticienne de longue date, Wanida a complété ses certifications restauratrices, yin et 200 heures vinyasa au Yess Yoga Studio à Minneapolis, Minnesota. En 2016, Wanida a déménagé à Washington, DC. Elle se consacre à l'utilisation du yoga comme outil pour réduire le stress et les traumatismes pour les communautés de couleur.


Solomon O. Mensah est un instructeur et un praticien autorisé de la guérison pranique. Il pratique la guérison pranique et la méditation sur les cœurs jumeaux depuis 2005. Sa passion pour la guérison pranique lui a valu le nom de Salomon Prana. Salomon aime la simplicité. Pour Salomon, s'il y a quelque chose dans ce monde qui lui apporte son accomplissement est la guérison pranique. Vous pouvez également retrouver Solomon au studio mercredi. Il guide nos séances de méditation du mercredi soir à 19h. La guérison pranique est une technique de guérison de non touché qui utilise l'énergie ou le prana pour traiter diverses maladies dans le corps physique, émotionnel et mental.


Licensed with the world renowned Africa Yoga Project in Kenya. She is an experienced power yoga instructor. Here classes are for a mix of levels. She emphasizes strength and using her classes to help her students find balance and build their stamina. A principle instructor at Bliss Yoga, she has commanded some of the most popular classes at the studio and is also a lead trainer Bliss Yoga 200-HR Teacher Training Program. 

Yogi Imani

Imani Francis-Pennant: She is a freelance teacher of Afrikan and Khemetic Yoga. She qualified as an Afrikan yoga teacher in London, UK 2007 under the tutelage of Pablo Khonso Imani. In 2013, she studied in Jamaica with Yisir Ra Hotep to become a certified Khemetic Yoga Teacher. Imani is a member of the IYN (Independent Yoga Network). She was recently invited to present a Khemetic Yoga workshop hosted by the British Wheel of Yoga which was a wonderful experience for all involved. Imani holds a BA Hons degree in Sociology and Social Policy, Post Graduate Certificate in Education and 1st-degree black belt in Judo. She is also a physical therapist specializing in remedial massage. An essential part of Imani’s practice is making yoga accessible to the disenfranchised, especially those with complex needs and disabilities. To this end, she has successfully applied on several occasions for funding to organise free yoga classes for the marginalised.