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I’m a dreamer. I’m risk-taker and I’ve failed brilliantly, quite a few times. A New York City museum dweller from a young age, I studied art at Columbia University. I stumbled upon the law, and my life took some exciting and daring turns. A Manhattan District Attorney – A Wall Street Banker – An Artist – A Model – A Fashion Designer – A Mother – A Yogi.

There was a pivotal moment in my life, when “stress” became a constant roommate. I’ve worked 100s of hours in deadline-driven and often hectic workspaces. Its became clear to me that “you can have it all – but at what cost?” Fast-forward 10 years – to now. Many people still ask me – why did you drop the fancy suits and open – of all things – a yoga studio? 4 years later, it’s still a simple answer: self-care isn’t just something that makes you feel good it’s a critical factor in happiness and sanity. Living your best life now, should be a global priority!

AtsuAtsu is an instructor at Bliss Yoga Accra. He brings with him the love of dance and Ashtanga Yoga. His practice is diverse and beautiful and he brings a grounded and pure energy to the Bliss teaching team. We love Atsu! His spirit and love of yoga is simply magical.

June/July 2017 Mid-Summer Wed Class Series w/Lucy (Guest Instructor)

Just Breathe Wednesdays: Starts Wed. June 14th @ 6:30pm
Here for the summer? Join Bliss teaching alum Lucy (who will be back in Ghana from abroad!). She will be filling in for Lisa, while she is away for June/July.

About Lucy’s Class Series: Just Breathe
A blend of yin and yang; this class, using postures and stretches guided by the breath, is aimed to trigger deep relaxation. Utilizing the heat of vinyasa in the first portion of the class, and then moving into the cooling stillness of yin postures to create relaxation and balance. Letting our breath guide us through a slower paced flow. Followed with long holds of calm poses in yin to stretch out our muscles, joints, connective tissue, and fascia. Where the breath goes energy flows.

Dates: Wed. June 14th 6:30pm, Wed. June 21st 6:30pm, Wed. June 28th 6:30pm, Wed. July 5th 6:30pm, Wed. July 12th 6:30pm, Wed. July 19th 6:30pm, Wed. July 26th 6:30pm

bliss-yoga-accra-copyIrene brings joy and electricity to the mat! Made of pure fire, she brings a dynamic and fun element to her yoga practice! Originally from Italy, she is happy to be part of the Bliss Yoga Accra family because of the energy at the studio. She’s proud to be part of this movement: yoga is a lifestyle that can make you happy! Is there any better feeling, than making people happy?
My personal mantra “Follow your bliss” led me to yoga over 10 years ago. The mantra comes from a longer quote by
Joseph Campbell, after reading the full quote I knew I needed to live it. I sent out a message to the universe that I wanted to
teach internationally, the door opened for me to become an elementary teacher librarian here in Accra. I have lived here now for four and a half years and will be here a few more. I moved here from Safety Harbor, Florida were I also worked as a librarian. My love of continued growth and personal development has led me on some great adventures. I am currently enrolled in a yearlong Mindful Schools training. I love sharing mindfulness with my students, providing them the tools and skills for life. I am very happy at the beach, on a mountain top or a music festival. My favorite holiday tradition is to find an unusual place to practice my yoga; a deserted beach or overlooking the peaks of a mountaintop. Inspiration is everywhere.


I first realized yoga was more than stretching in 2006 when I was invited by a friend’s mother, who happened to be a yoga teacher, to a Kirtan chanting practice outside Chicago. Immersed in the joyful singing, movement and community, I experienced how yoga has the ability to penetrate the soul and heal when you are taken outside your comfort zone and look inward. Since that fateful yoga chanting night, I have continued to explore different styles of yoga ranging from restorative to sunrise flows, kundalini and meditation from my hometown in Illinois, in a town near the Dalai Lama’s temple in Dharamsala India, backpacking in Montana and ultimately where I settled and call home in Vermont. Yoga has helped to calm my restless mind by returning to the breath and has enabled me to recognize the simple notion that nothing is permanent and everything will pass. We have all the tools we need to experience the awesomeness of life and to take on its challenges.

Joan is a beautiful soul and recent Bliss Yoga Teacher Training grad. Co-teaching the gentle sunset yoga flow on Sundays @ 5pm (class starts on Feb. 5th), her teaching style is joyful and soothing.

Nirmaldeep Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is also certified by the Radiant Child Yoga Program to teach children’s yoga. She is a regular contributing faculty member for Bliss Yoga Accra’s 200-HR teacher training program. She is happy to offer individual sessions to those interested.


Private Jikiden Reiki® and Access Bars® Program

Maya will be available for private sessions at Bliss Yoga Accra, by appointment only.

She facilitates people to change their life in ways and with tools that work.

About Maya

Maya’s first experience with Reiki was in 2000, when a colleague at work gave her Reiki during lunch break. Reiki relieved her back pain so she decided to learn it herself in 2000. In August 2008, she took Jikiden Reiki® seminars in Holland and seriously started practicing on people. She completed her Jikiden Reiki® teachers training in 2009/2010 in Düsseldorf with Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, president of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto Japan. Practicing Reiki, directly or distant, is part of her daily life. Maya is accredited to teach Jikiden Reiki® Shoden and Okuden (Level I and II) by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan.

Maya learned about the Bars® in Capetown In 2014. That same year she became a certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator.  The tools of Access changed her life. She gives private Access Bars® sessions,  teaches how to run the Bars® and also facilitates people using the Access Consiousness®  tools for verbal processing / clearing sessions, directly or via Skype.

What is Jikiden Reiki®?

Reiki is a therapy often described as hands-on-healing or energy-healing in which a practitioner places hands lightly on a client’s body in order to facilitate the client in boosting the body’s own healing ability. Founded in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan and spread around the world in the eighties.

Jikiden Reiki® is the purest, traditional, simple and yet effective Reiki grown and practiced only in Japan, so there has been no westernization. Late nineties people from the West got to know about Jikiden and invited the Yamaguchi family to teach outside Japan. Jikiden Reiki® can help you heal and handle several physical and mental issues and can also be performed on absent people.

What is Access Bars®?

The Bars® are 32 points on the head which are connected to different area’s in your life. There are bars for money, creativity, communication, healing and many others. Founders Gary Douglas and Dain Heer created Access Consciousness®, a program that offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now. During a Bars session a practitioner lightly touches the 32 points on the head over the course of an hour or an hour and a half. Touching the Bars® allows for the electromagnetic charge that holds thoughts, feelings, and emotions in place to dissipate, allowing you to perceive and experience more ease and space in your life and body.

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